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Tech Task 12: K12 Online Conference

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What Did You Do in School Yesterday, Today, and h-songhaiThree Years Ago?– Presented by H. Songhai (

This presentation comments on the different ways that the tools of technology, that most students have access to, can help to be used inside and outside of the classroom to document learning and growth.

Using technology as proof and documentation of learning is a positive way for us, as educators, to look at the gizmo’s and various gadgets that students seem to be sneaking into the classroom.  In this particular presentation H. Songhai diffuses the idea of what it might look like if we incorperated social technology of our youth and culture into the walls of the classroom.  The word that I felt was the most repetitive was “proof”.  When I was in high school I did not document any of my learning on a piece of technology and I now can say that I do not have evidence of my career as a young student.  

Why is it important for students to have “proof” or documentation of their learning?  Because “proof” is what we are able to look back on and understand how much growth has taken place.  To understand the types and amounts of learning that has happened to us we must review our past as a means to get better at a particular subject and to feel proud of how far we have come.  Although it frightened me to hear Songhai say that he has not used paper in his classroom in over three years, I understand where he is coming from.  It is certainly a green approach, however I think that when children are writing out a creative story on paper compared to just typing it out on a blinding computer screen a different product is created.  In my own experience I am much more creative when I can write my ideas out on paper, staring at a harsh computer screen can quite often suck my creativity dry.  I understand that what he is commenting on are the frustrations that come with handing out paper to students that just winds up in the nearest garbage can, but won’t no paper at all anywhere in a school be the next step that follows?  It scares me to think that is what will end up happening, because it inevitably will. 

To finish on a positive note, this presentation taught me a lot about some of the different uses of social technologies that seem to be in the hands of almost every teenager.  I do not have a digital camera or an ipod and so it was very helpful to learn about how easy it is to capture learning everywhere and anywhere the wind may blow you.  Since beginning this class I have become addicted to my iGoogle page for several reasons.  These reasons were confirmed as being learning tools for many people, because on line you are able to view many different sources of learning simultaneously.  The learning that can take place on a blog, wiki or a pod cast is infinite and will never cease to grow.


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November 10, 2008 at 12:51 am

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