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Tech Task 17: Itunes Podcasts

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The first pod cast that I viewed on Itunes was connected to Geek Brief TV, a video podcast presented by Cali Lewis about technology.  Geek Brief is a video pod cast with news about tech tools and toys.  The format is fast, fun, fresh and flirty.  Well in this description they sure got the fast part right.  I watched this pod cast 3 times just to get the basic amount of information processed into my brain.  Now naturally it was all a bit over my head in the first place, but it was very interesting.  This particular pod cast was about robotics research and showcased several ways that it is affecting our everyday lives, that most people are not even aware of.  For example when you purchase a new car that has technology built into it that beeps when you are about to back into something- that form of technology emerged from robotics research.  Irobot vacuums are now sweeping the nation, they clean your place without you having to lift a finger.  Not as many of these have sold as the company would have liked.  Apparently in Japan people are very interested in embracing technology, they view it as being very positive.  Whereas in the United States they are more skeptacle of new emerging technologies.   Cali mentioned Aaron Edsinger’s domo robot in this pod cast and it was very interesting (  Domo is a robot that looks like it was born in 1992.  Looked a little bit like Walle but taller- cute as a button, this robot was built to adapt to its environment.  A lot of the things that were discussed in this pod cast were well over my head, but very interesting to listen to.

The “fun” pod cast that I decided to watch and listen to was  Mandala Meditations, created by Kelly Dietrich under the subtitle of spirituality.  This was a strange pod cast because there was no talking- hence the meditation part.  It looked like a 3 min kaleidoscope that was continuously spinning and morphing along side of some relaxing guitar music.  It ended very quickly and I was expecting some explanation at the beginning, but it was cool to see a very opposing pod cast to the first one that I had viewed.


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November 22, 2008 at 7:25 pm

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