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Tech Task 12: K12 Online Conference

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Web 2.0 Tools to Amplify Elementary Students’ Creativity and Initiative– Presented by Jackie Gerstein (

This presentation describes projects designed for students, ages 8 to 12, to use emerging technologies for engaging, thinking, learning, collaborating, creating, and innovating.

The idea of social constructivist learning was never directly mentioned in this presentation, but was certainly referenced to.  When students are creating their own websites and learning about links and how to connect everything that they love to learn about on one page is an amazing description of social constructivist learning.  Jackie has each student reflect and review websites to help prepare them for the future of web based learning in the classroom.  With the use of such tools as skype, linking, and playing with games she is helping the students to teach themselves and help each other with their learning. 

A project that she talked about in particular was one that had the students create their own avatars to make creative stories and create safe persona’s for themselves.  All of the students loved exploring with the games that led up to this, but some had struggles with the emerging technologies that they were not so familiar with.  They were very easy to give up when they felt frustrated, explained Jackie.  Jackie is the one who must facilitate and inspire the students to keep trying.  She often sits with students for a long while just showing them other ways of getting to what they want on a particular website.  This is important so that they do not give up.

I think that learning technologies at an elementary level will absolutely promote creativity and innovation in the classroom for many reasons.  As well as prepare young students for becoming 21st century learners.  They need these tools to survive and to have technology be a creative outlet for them.  I wish that I had that growing up, if I had, I would be much more prepared than I am now, and more importantly more comfortable.


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November 21, 2008 at 9:39 pm

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