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Tech Task 18: My Future Classroom

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         roboteacherBefore I can tell you what my future classroom will look like, I can explain to you precisely what it WILL NOT look like.  There will not be desks in rows to ensure that students are not staring at the backs of one anothers home made haircuts.  I will not use the back of these rows to house children who believe that glue sticks are an alternative snack.  There will not be laminante posters surrounding these desks from 1979 that say “way to go!” with cats on them- whats up with those anyways?  I will not have a wicker basket on my desk that collects apples at the end of each day and determines which students get extra marks on their next report card.  I will not have a special piece of chalk that none of the students can touch because it was handed down to me by god himself.  I will not have an outrageous amount of red pens that determine mistakes on a students piece of personal work.  When a student asks how to do a math problem, I will not respond by saying; “like this, I showed you already, anyone else have a question”.  I will not have a drawer full of children’s confiscated items that houses Halloween candy and birthday gifts from years gone by.  I will not load children’s backpacks so full of homework that they need to get their spines re-aligned by the third grade.  I will not pick on the students that do not grasp something immediately in order to work on my insecurities.  I will not use detention as a way to remind students that they are bad seeds, and are nothing like their older brothers and sisters.  I will not have a computers class, where children learn typing skills, and are slapped on the wrist the second they begin exploring the vast, and precious world of the web.  I will not have eyes in the back of my head that inform me as soon as a student is using the calculator tool on their cell phone. 


                                     I WILL NOT BE AFRAID OF CHANGE

                                                          I WILL NOT BE AFRAID TO SHARE IDEAS

                                                                             I WILL NOT BECOME MY STUDENTS WORST ENEMY

Instead I will be open2to the idea that change is the only thing that keeps us alive and creative.  I will be an educator that utilises technology in the classroom when it should be used and asks her students how it helps them learn.  I will reward students for growing as learners, not just for being “intelligent”.  I will learn and create with my students every day in new and challenging ways.  I will not give up on technology even when it seems frustrating or tedious. 


When it  comes to the future, there are three kinds of people:  those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”               -John M. Richardson-

 Those who make it happen make it wherever their lives may lead them.



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November 20, 2008 at 5:31 am

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