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Tech Task 12: K12 Online Conference

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Travelling through the dark– Presented by Steven Kimmi (
steven-kimmiThis presentation comments on the unstoppable world of technology and what it means to face the somewhat darker side of change, and plunge yourself into the darkness of learning something new instead of taking the easy way out as an educator. 
Kimmi claims that “we must go into the dark to make sense of this ever changing world”.  He responds to this metaphor on a personal level, and talks about needing to change the way he was teaching to suit his bright young grade five students.  His students were disengaged and his instruction lacked excitement, the students were not seeing the significance in what Kimmi was teaching them.  Because of this realization he decided to contact Brian Crosby to help him get his feet wet in the realm education technology.
One of the tools that Kimmi suggests to get started with the battle of technology and change is to begin blogging.  He has been blogging for almost a year and has still not integrated it into his classroom.  This is because as a new learner yourself you must master, to a certain degree, a subject prior to educating others on its values.  The use of blogging, video and pod casting were all mentioned in this presentation as ways to get started.
Kimmi says that pod castingis the easiest, besides blogging, to get into.  This is because it has been made so easy to explore and experience, for yourself and students.  He did a weekly spelling test via pod cast.  One of the ideas that I really found interesting was about creating a video with his grade five’s for math class that showcased everything that they were going to learn for the year.  This, as Dean Shareski would say, would create a stage for learning.
There were several things that I took out of this presentation; but the biggest was to really take the time to learn a new technology prior to exploring it with your class.  The next was to find a support group to help you while you are learning and to support others as you become more comfortable with technology.  Kimmi mentions Ted talks as a positive environment to be a part of on line and also teachers teaching teachers, a pod cast that is extremely motivating explains Kimmi.

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