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Tech Task 4: You Tube is Totally Tubular

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I am not as familiar with the world of you tube as most of the people my age I’m sure, so I decided to use it in all of the research that I’m doing for school as a visual aid to my learning.  This weekend I used the resource of you tube to gather information about the Astor Place Riot.  I am writing a paper on the subject for one of my theatre classes this semester.  A lot of the readings and articles that I found on the riot were pretty heavy and I found that watching a couple of documentaries on the subject really gave me a break from all of the reading, it was awesome.  I am very much a visual learner and so it also helped to clarify a lot of the research that I was taking in, in other words it fine tuned everything for me.  I am also reading the crucible, a play by Arther Miller, for a script analysis class.  Now our job in this class for the next three weeks is to simply read the Crucible over and over and over again.  I looked everywhere in Moose Jaw for the video last week so that I could understand it in a little bit better and uncover another layer of Millers work, but no dice, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  You tube has many different productions and versions of this play being performed at various schools universities, as well as some professional performances, and watching some of the different takes on characters and plot was very clarifying for me.  God bless you tube!!  I would have never thought to look there if it wasn’t for this assignment in our Ecomp class. 

There are many ways one could utilize you tube in a classroom with many different types of learners.  What really stuck out to me while I was on the site was the fact that you can get many takes on one singular event, opinion, song – etc.  This valuable for many reasons; when a student is struggling with something because the teacher may only have one idea or shred of information on the subject that teacher could turn to you tube as a secondary resource to help that student out.  Now it is important to keep in mind that anyone can post something on you tube and so you must be open and objective when viewing a video, but also skilled at weeding out the quality from a lot of the less legit information.  Also one must understand that what may not be valuable to one person may be very valuable to the next, so it is important not to discount information for the sake of disliking it. 

The other thing that I appreciated and loved about you tube was how easy the site was to operate.  You tube is all about connecting one idea to many ideas, to showcase lots of different takes on one thing.  Although this can also be distracting while it leads you to information that may not pertain to what you are trying to learn about, overall it an extremely helpful, creative visual aid for all walks of life.  I loved the fact that each new topic that you plug into the you tube search engine will always give you the URL of the video that you are viewing.  This is amazing because you can add these video links to you delicious account and or save them for later viewing.


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September 14, 2008 at 9:25 pm

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