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Tech Task 2: Me and Technology

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It’s like I’m a 67 year old trapped in a 23 year old body.  I do not feel connected to technology in any way shape or form.  It is as if I didn’t grow up with it all of my life the way that I did.  This puts me in an awkward position as a young person going into the field of education.  There seem to be so many positive ways to use technology in the classroom and I wish that I could feel comfortable utilizing them with my future students.  In my own experience technology has, in some ways, taken away the idea of communicating face to face with one another.  Being that nearly half of what we say to a person can be read in our body language we cannot possibly be sharing information online with one another to our fullest potential.  When I was 17 I went up to Calgary to visit a friend and ended up staying there for over a year.  One of the very first things that I noticed about the people in a larger city was that technology was even more apparent than it was in my home town of Moose Jaw.  When I would walk down the streets to get to work every day and smile at people I noticed that they would rarely even look at me.  I made them feel uncomfortable because I was looking at them clear in the eye.  I’m sure that technology can and is in many cases a productive and positive medium that has been immersed throughout thousands of different cultures, but I cant help but wonder what it is doing to us on a much deeper unseen level.  Now if you are an extroverted person this way of communicating might be ideal- however if you find yourself to be more introverted, you may eventually become so socially awkward that your confidence will crumble at the signs of a face to face encounter with another human being.  I understand that my views on the subject are biased and need to open up a great deal. But I also think that as educators and people we must create a balance between hands on, personal interactive learning and the technical side of education today. 

I am so scared at the thought of all of my students using “smart boards” in the place of books and chalk boards, but like I stated earlier this is because I am not sure how to use most of this technology myself.  I think that in the case of students connecting with other students from all around the world it is fabulous.  I understand that that there are a lot of positive aspects to technology, however it makes me nervous to think that sooo much information can be in any ones hands.  Face book, as an example, is an addictive, exciting and somewhat controlling site that has just recently swept over the nation.  I think that it is a burden as well as a blessing, because for teachers and students to be able to access really personal information about one another can create biases within the walls of the classroom.  Text messaging is another new addiction that has taken the place of making a phone call to someone that is close to you.  Why call them or pop over to their place to hang out when it is easier, faster and less personalto text.  I use texting a lot myself, but I would never text in a classroom, because it would be far too distracting.  The thing about cell phones is that if you ban them from the classroom it will only encourage students to use them even more.  So the answer is not to make cells disappear, but rather to make them useful in the classroom by making examples out of them.  I think that you tube is a great resource for students and teachers alike in the fact that a great deal of learning can be done in a more interactive fashion on line.  All of these new facets of learning can potentially help students find valid information in a flash if used appropriately.

There are a lot of things that I hope to learn from this class.  It always seems so difficult for me to understand what seems to be so obvieous to the average person, and so I hope that the pace of the class doesn’t become to quick for me.  I felt a little stressed out after the first class.  When I went on to the websites that we learned about to better understand them I felt confused and lost.  I hope that each week things become a bit easier for me to understand, and I hope that when this class is all said and done I will feel comfortable using these websites as resources to aid my schoolwork for the next three years and eventually my teaching.


Written by petermeg

September 10, 2008 at 11:50 pm

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  1. Megan,

    Nice background information. The feeling of uncertainly combined with some excitement about potential is good thing. Simply sharing your thoughts here is a great beginning.

    My experience is that the best teachers aren’t necessarily the most savvy but reflect the attitude you describe above. Watching how people learn with whatever tools are available is a great start. Your observations are spot on.

    Dean Shareski

    September 19, 2008 at 5:11 am

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